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Mission Statement

The French and Francophone Studies Graduate Organization (FFGO) at The Pennsylvania State University is comprised of all the graduate students of the Penn State French and Francophone Studies Department. Throughout the year the FFGO promotes student-centered events and provides a liaison between graduate students and faculty members.

The executive committee of the FFGO is composed of five student members. All graduate students are invited to monthly meetings where they can present their views and concerns about the life of their department, college, university, and profession. The FFGO also holds bi-annual plenary meetings (in the fall and the spring), at which all graduate students discuss and vote on several issues, and elect officers.

Communication being crucial to the work of the FFGO, the organization encourages the active participation of every student in the department.

Officers (2014-2015)

President: Theresa Brock

Secretary: Carl Cornell

Treasurer and Table Ronde Representative: Lauren Tilger

Film Representative: Elizabeth Tuttle

Faculty Representative: Sandra Rousseau