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Recent and Forthcoming Publications (2015-present)

Johann Le Guelte, “Lenin: The Inventor of Totalitarianism.” Translation forthcoming in Alexander Riley and Alf Siewers (eds.), Rethinking the Legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution: A Short Critical Introduction (Bucknell University Press).  

Carl Cornell, "Past into future: the 'rewriting' of Angoulême's identity." Contemporary French Civilization 43.2 (July 2018): 185-211.

Andrew Jones, “Art and Logic: Godard’s Alphaville as Philosophy.” Studies in French Cinema 17.2 (2017), 165-181. 

Lauren Tilger, “Faire des hommes nouveaux: L'Education féminine dans Aline-Ali (1869) et La Femme et les moeurs: Monarchie ou liberté (1869) d'André Léo." Women in French Studies, vol. 24, 2016, pp. 33-45. 

Andrew Jones, "Art and Logic: Godard's Alphaville as Philosophy." Forthcoming, Studies in French Cinema (Summer 2017).

Lauren Tilger, "Gender: The Hidden God in Yasmina Reza’s Le Dieu du Carnage.Studies in Twentieth & Twenty-First Century Literature (March 2016). 

Elizabeth Tuttle. Review of Marie Baudry, Lectrices romanesques: représentations et théorie de la lecture aux XIXet XXsiècles in Nineteenth-Century French Studies  43.3-4 (Spring-Summer 2015).

Hélène Huet, "Mapping Decadence: From a Hunch to a Website." Journal of Map and Geography Libraries: Advances in Geospatial Information,Collection  and Archives 11.1 (2015): 80-90.

Deirdre McAnally Sennott, “’Il se met à me faire des papouilles zozées:’” Gender, Sexual Violence, and ‘le comique’ in Queneau’s Zazie dans le metro.” Forthcoming, Symposium.

Cédric Briand, “Kaamelott's Paradox: Lancelot between Subjugation and Individuation.”  Forthcoming, Arthuriana, March 2015.