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Cedric Briand


  1. University of Dijon, France M.A. English
  2. Penn State, M.A. French


Cédric is a doctoral candidate at Penn State. His current research, entitled "Hermeneutics of the Lake: Lancelot's Masculinities and Hybridities in 12th- and 13th-century Arthurian Romance," explores how Lancelot's gender construction and education by the Lady of the Lake leads to the hero's many identity crises while shaping his heroic hegemony. He is also interested in contemporary Arthuriana (mostly French and English) in its various media, medieval masculinities, feminist and queer theories, and the history and semiotics of the "bande-dessinée" (The Franco-German graphic novel). His article "Kaamelott's Paradox: Lancelot Between Individuation and Subjugation" is coming out in Arthuriana March 2015. It highlights the hero's duality and marginality in Alexandre Astier's work. His next upcoming article, René Barjavel's L'Enchanteur: These Sins That Make Us Men," explores the concepts of "sin," chivalric "purity," and "failure" in Barjavel's novel. He holds an MA in English from the University of Dijon, where he already worked on the masculine hero, as well as an MA in French from Penn State. He has formed himself as an instructor here at Penn State, teaching various courses, as well as in a few other institutions including Brown University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and French vocational high schools.