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Jean-Claude Vuillemin

Jean-Claude Vuillemin

Liberal Arts Research Professor

Fields: Early Modern French Literature and Philosophy; Theater Theories and Performance Studies; Literary Criticism and Theory.



  1. Ph.D. Michigan State University


Attentive to contemporary French literature, theater, and intellectual debates, Jean-Claude Vuillemin has published extensively on early-modern literature and philosophy, theater and performance reception, and literary theories. Inspired by Montaigne, Nietzsche, and Foucault, he has challenged in Épistémè baroque: le mot et la chose (2013) the ideological truism of “French classicism” and promoted the notion of baroque as a pertinent theoretical concept apt to characterize not only architecture and visual arts, but also literature, philosophy, and intellectual history. Affiliated with several research institutes in France (U. Paris-8, CNRS, U. Paris-4 Sorbonne, U. Lyon-2), JC Vuillemin frequently lectures on both sides of the Atlantic. He has recently completed a comprehensive critical bibliography on Jean de Rotrou, and he is currently writing a book on Michel Foucault’s main socio-philosophical theories.


FR 597: Michel Foucault: des pensées “en marche

FR 597: Montaigne Reads Foucault: Hermeneutics of Modernity

FR 597: Michel Foucault: Archeology, Genealogy, Ethics

FR 535: Cultural Performances: Theories and Practices

FR 571: Literary Theory and Criticism

FR 533: Baroque Episteme. 17th-Century French Literature and Intellectual History


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