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Lauren Tilger


  1. Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University, 2016
  2. BA Scripps College, CA, 2010


Lauren Tilger received her Ph.D. from Penn State in 2016. In her dissertation, she argues that the cross-dressing protagonists of four nineteenth century French novels actually partake in transgender practices. For instance, Gabriel, from George Sand's dialogic novel Gabriel, does not consider himself in disguise when he dresses in male attire: despite being biologically female, Gabriel has been raised as a boy and there is therefore no disconnect between his masculine gender identity and his masculine gender presentation. Furthermore, Lauren argues that the authors construct their gender non-conforming protagonists through transgender writing practices, which include, among other things, the creation of texts that cross literary genres and the linguistic crossing of gender expectations (using masculine nouns to describe a female-assigned character, for example). Lauren's research interests include 19th-21st century French and Francophone literature, gender studies, queer and women's studies, transfeminism, and theater.