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Phoebe E. Busges

Phoebe E. Busges

Lecturer in French

Fields: 18th-century literature; women’s studies; teacher training



  1. Ph.D. The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC


Dr. Büsges earned her doctorate in French Literature from The Catholic University of America.  Her dissertation, “Female Pedagogues and Feminine Palimpsests: A Study of the Eighteenth-Century French Epistolary Novel by Women” examines how, by allying romance with epistolarity, the female novelist was able to adopt a posture of socio-literary conformity expected of women while at the same time camouflaging emancipatory messages within the genre’s ambiguous form. Dr. Büsges’s research focuses on the Eighteenth-Century French letter novel in particular on how the letter’s formal rhetorical properties create meaning.

In addition to teaching French language and literature, Dr. Büsges has led professional development programs for high school teachers, and has mentored, trained, and evaluated student teachers.